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"What sorta feller is your Governor?" asked Preston Pittman when we first discussed making a presentation call.

"He's a regular Idaho guy," I told him. "Lives on a ranch, rides horses, runs cattle and all. I saw him calf ropin' at a rodeo a couple years ago."

"I've got an idea," said Preston.

The call arrived within two weeks. It couldn't have been more perfect. Preston design featured a cowboy on a horse roping a gobbler. Hoof prints on one side and turkey tracks on the other, along with custom inscription and Pittman's signature made this call very special...very special indeed.

the Governor's call

At an informal presentation ceremony in his office, Governor Otter seemed quite pleased with the gift and appreciative of the thought and craftsmanship that went into it. And, like all of Preston Pittman's handmade calls, it sounded as good as it looked. Thanking us, the Governor joined a group in another room and yelping could be heard as we were leaving.

Governor Otter

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